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Five Flags of Fiesta Parade


Friday June 2, 2023 
2:00 pm - Arrival time, barn will be open; 
4:00 pm - Depart for line up at Spring Street
4:30 pm - Arrive at line-up
7:00 pm - Parade starts/rolls


Krewe of Andres de Pez members


Five Flags of Fiesta Parade Route starting on Spring Street and ending on South Palafox St, Pensacola, FL 32502


To celebrate the heritage of our great city and the five flags in which our beloved Pensacola has flown under throughout the years!


Summer Uniforms for this one boy! Tabards, short sleeve white, black, or red collared shirt (Krewe Polos underneath your tabards) and black shorts with black shoes and head gear of choice (See cover picture for an example of what right looks like 😊)

Special Notes:

  1. We will depart the barn promptly at 4:00 pm for line-up. If you miss our departure time for line-up; no sweat, you can link up with us at our line up location on Spring Street (location is TBD after the Safety meeting and will be published by SXXIII as soon as information is released).

  2. Food (Menu TBD), Beverage (Keg Beer), and lots of ice will be provided by the Krewe. If you would like to bring liquor or alcohol you are welcome to do so. However, we ask that you ensure that you use non glass items were permissible. If glass is your only option, then we ask that you take responsibility for ensuring glass items are contained and in a tote bag or ice chest that mitigates glass breaks on our ships.

  3. Parade Route can be found at:

  4. Parade begins at 7:00 pm and we will slowly traverse from spring street onto Garden. Enroute to Garden Street we will remove our head gear at the direction of the Siguenza and observe a moment of silence directly in front of the Law Offices of Emanuel and Sheppard to pay respects to a fallen Krewe brother Bill Meador. The Siguenza will signal to the Krewe when to re-don head gear and resume normal parade activities.

  5. Please refrain from throwing any beads whatsoever on Spring Street. We are not allowed to throw any beads until we make a full right-hand turn onto Garden Street. The audible signal to throw beads will be given by the Siguenza and signaled by one prolonged horn blast.

  6. When we approach the end of the parade route near the intersection of South Palafox and Main Street the Siguenza will sound an all call for all Krewe members to onboard the ships and the parade is now over. This audible signal will be denoted by the sounding of 6-prolonged horn blast. At this time all members of the Krewe are required to onboard the ships and all throwing of beads must cease. If you intend to stay downtown and not participate in the post parade work party, then you must make a left hand turn on main street and head towards Seville Quarter to clear South Palafox Street. We are not allowed to walk to the right (west of Palafox). There will be police officers pulling sentry duties and we ask that you do not violate their rules. Our beloved law enforcement officers are there to keep us safe and have all our best interest in mind. Please respect their orders and obligations in the line of duty; Go Blue!

  7. Once we have gathered all Krewe members we will return to the barn and conduct post parade work party operations and prepare for the next parade on Saturday. As per Krewe standard operating procedures the Siguenza and his team will publish and lead the priorities of work for all members until complete and we are prepared to roll for our next parade. Remember many hands make light work of many tasks. We remain appreciative of your support and your commitment to shouldering your fair share of the task.

  8. These are the specified parade rules published by the Krewe of Fiesta. We appreciate you familiarizing yourself with them and adhering to them all. Any violation of these rules can reflect poorly upon the reputation and appearance of our Krewe. We respectfully request that you refrain from being that "Guy".

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