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2023 Orange Beach Parade


Tuesday, February 21, 2023, 2:00 pm – Complete


Krewe of Andres de Pez members


Staging and line up will be on Perdido Beach Beach Road Orange Beach, AL in the vicinity of Rouses Supermarket with a Krewe arrival time of 11:00 pm. We will depart Seville Quarter on Good Times Charter Bus at 10:00 am no later than 10:00 am. The link to rsvp by paying your $27.00 transportation fee here:


To share in the camaraderie and spirit of the Mardi Gras celebration, the esprit de corps of our time-honored brotherhood and to unequivocally bring Mayhem and Cheer to the streets and citizens of Pensacola!


Full Parade Dress as denoted in the membership handbook.  

Standard Parade Dress:

  • Black boots (Most common uniform worn)

  • Black pants (Military-style cargo pants are common.  The cargo pockets come in handy when carrying items like beads, gloves and the like.

  • White swordsman/renaissance long sleeve shirt or white long sleeve shirt

  • Red Tabard

  • Hat or headgear of your choice.

Be Creative!

Special Notes:

  1. Barn will open on February 20, 2023 at 6:00 pm Monday night; we will load that evening versus the morning. If someone has a issue then we will have an alibi round on Tuesday morning before we roll de San Jose for Orange Beach. We will transport her at 9:00 am. There will be clip boards at the aft end of the ship with a manifest of all Krewe members names with a green highlight marker. If you are riding in the parade, you are required to highlight your name. The Co-Siguenza Harry Demmon and Deck Chiefs Erik Klinger (de Guadalupe) and Kevin Kennovin (de San Jose) will ensure that we have an accurate by name head count of members parading before we depart the barn and before we depart line up. We will also ask for an emergency point of contact and telephone number in case of an emergency during the parade. We appreciate your support with this. We take pride in taking care of you and ensuring your safety while spreading Mayhem and Cheer is our number 1 priority.

  2. We will depart the barn promptly at 9:00 am for line-up in Orange Beach (only select Krewemen will transport the ship with the Siguenza. If you miss our departure time for line-up at Seville Quarter at 10:00 am you will have to Uber, Lyft, Cab, or find a ride (stating the obvious but please don't make the long drive if you plan to drink just be on time and get the ride you paid for 🙂.

  3. Food (Menu TBD), Beverage (Keg Beer), and lots of ice will be provided by the Krewe. If you would like to bring liquor or alcohol you are welcome to do so. However, we ask that you ensure that you use non glass items were permissible. If glass is your only option, then we ask that you take responsibility for ensuring glass items are contained and in a tote bag or ice chest that mitigates glass breaks on our ships.

  4. Parade Route can be found at:

  5. Parade begins at 2:00 pm and we will slowly traverse 3.5 miles in a westerly to easterly direction on Perdido Beach Road. This is a straight-line route on the beach road.

  6. Please refrain from throwing any beads until directed. The audible signal to throw beads will be given by the Siguenza and signaled by one prolonged horn blast.

  7. When we approach the end of the parade route the Siguenza will sound an all call for that the parade is now over. This audible signal will be denoted by the sounding of 6-prolonged horn blast. At this time all members of the Krewe are required to cease in throwing of all beads. We will pull our ship back to the Rouses parking lot to onboard buses and then head to the Flora~Bama. We will spend a few hours there and then head back to Seville Quarter with an ETA of NLT 7:00 pm.

  8. If you were unable to join us for the Mardi Gras Parade in Orange Beach don't sweat it you still have a chance to play. Get in your full parade dress and join us for the Seville Quarter Fat Tuesday Party. We will be there with bells on and slightly ahead of you to say the least; lol.

  9. There have been no specified rules published yet. I will disseminate as soon as released.


Lastly the Krewe of Andres de Pez President of the Board Randy Peterson will publish and address specific Krewe rules via separate correspondence at a later date. Now that we have a few of the formalities out of the way let us get focused on preparing for an epic Mardi Gras Season and for this parade finale! I look exceptionally forward to making Pensacola Mardi Gras 2023 a year of epic good times with you all!

Best Always,
Clay C. Usie
Viva de Pez!

Orange Beach

Parade Guidelines

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