Admiral XIX

Jason Singletary!

Last Day to order Christmas Throws for PPP

Float Work Party / Merchandise Sale

Merch Sale @ Barn

Christmas Parade




Greater than Deluna and even Lafitte, DePez came for all with his Windward Fleet.


To Bacchus, Rex, and Endymion too, Our Krewe is first in all we do.


We're first in trouble, mayhem, and cheer, we’ve got the best ships, ladies, and beer.


So raise a glass with me, Sigüenza, who says,

"Three cheers to our leader, the Admiral de Pez!"


Viva de Pez!!!

Viva de Pez!!!

 Viva de Pez!!!


December  3rd

Float Work Party / Merch Sale
Location: Barn
5:45 pm 
to 6:45 pm Merch Sale

5:45 pm to ?? Float Work Party

December  7th

Roll Call  Work Party

9 am

Contact Fred Humphreys

No New Members

Location: Secret

"what happens at roll call ...."

December  8th

Float Work Party / Merch Sale 
Location: Barn
7:30 am 
to  12 pm Float
9 am to 12 pm Merchandise Sale

December 10th
Board Meeting
Location: Barn
5:30 pm

719 South N street

December  11th & 12th

Merch Sale/ Pezmart pickup
Location: Barn

6 pm to 7:30 pm

December  14th

Merch Sale/ Pezmart pickup
Location: Barn
12 pm 
to  2 pm

December 14th  

Cox Pensacola Christmas Parade Click


Barn Opens at 12 pm

Roll out @ 2:30 pm 

Parade Starts 5:15

Parade Guidelines Click
Waiver Form

​ NO Tabards

No Santa Costumes

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