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Mardi Gras Ball Court Positions

Años de  MMXVIII

Sigüenza's Toast:

Greater than DeLuna and even Lafitte, DePez came for all with his Windward Fleet.
To Bacchus, Rex, and Endymion too, Our Krewe is first in all we do. 
We're first in trouble, mayhem, and cheer, We've got the best ships, ladies, and beer.
So raise a glass with me, Sigüenza, who says, "Three cheers to our leader, the Admiral de Pez!"

Viva de Pez!!!   Viva de Pez!!!   Viva de Pez!!!
Admiral Andres de Pez


Don Carlos de Siguenza


Cpt. Martin de Rivas


Cpt. Bonito de Gonzalez


Cpt. Juan Jordan de Reina


Cpt. Pedro de Iriarte


Pilot Juan Enriquez Barroto


Pilot Luis Gomez Raposo


Conde de Galve


Generalissimo de Alcaniz


Sir Allegria de Palafox


Thunderstruck - AC/DC
Court of 2023
Court 2023

Admiral: Eddie Murray, Siguenza: Clay Usie
Court: Bernard Cernosek, Harry Demmon, Tim Luvidgsen, Will Walker, Chris Gulig, Gabe Peaden, Nathan Phillips, Greg Gomez, Chris McIntosh

Court of 2022
Court 2022

Admiral: Wes Southern
Siguenza: Bo Cobb
Court: Dax Campbell, Randy Johns, Thor Thorsen, Clay Usie, Aaron Ryan, John Christian Danker, Kevin Kennovin, Erik Klinger
Not present/Stand In: Ryan Goins / Clif Head

Court of 2021
Court 2021

Admiral: Jay Saiter
Siguenza: Marty Edwards
Court: Bo Cobb, Rob Phillips, Buck Pualcheck, Aaron Edwards, Adam Medley, Clay Usie, Kevin Foster, Rich Amato, Not present Ryan Wassil/ Stand In: JC Alboniga

Court of 2020
Court 2020

Admiral: Rui Ramos
Siguenza: Kevin Morris
Court: Bo Cobb, Justin Lusko, Marty Edwards, Kelly Massey, Stephen Simpson, Paul Marchant, Chris Gulig, James Hill, Not present / Stand In: Chris Comeau /Todd Weston

Court of 2019
Court 2019

Admiral: Jason "FNG" Singletary
Siguenza: John Hasty
Court: Beej Davis, Cory Jones, Clif Head, Dan Elliot, Ryan Wassil, JP Wilson, Greg Micklos, Paul Benoit
Not present: Kevin Morris

Court of 2018
Court 2018

Admiral: Pearce Baker
Siguenza: Wes Southern
Court: Erik Goss, Paul Chomniak, Fred Humphreys, Brad Wartman, Randy Petersen, Brian Pitts, Jason Singletary, Marty Edwards, Kevin Morris, Wes Southern

Court of 2017
Court 2017

Admiral: Jonathan Warren
Siguenza: Andy Williams
Court: Skip Theisen, Tim Ludvigsen, Paul Shroeder, Andy Williams, Jonathan Warren, Greg Ammon, Wes Southern, Josh Livingston, Dax Campbell

Court of 2016
Court 2016

Admirals: Stephen Crane, Matt Adkins, Robin Little, Boyce White, Robbie Mott, Robert Harris, Mark Johnson; Siguenza: Jason "FNG" Singletary
Court & Others: Ross VanderHeiden, Rollin Etheredge, Andy Williams, Jonathan Warren, Wes Southern, Pearce Baker, Rui Ramos, Jay Thompson, Steve Cannon, Kevin Ryan, Chad Stacey, Allen Netzer, Eric Goss, Rick Simpson, Dickie Heckler, Ryan James, JC Alboniga

Court of 2015
Court 2015

Admirals: Mark Johnson, Robert Harris, Boyce White, Fred Gunther
Siguenza: Dave "Swampy" Larsen
Court & Others: Greg Threadgill, Rollin Etheredge, Allen Netzer, Kevin Botts , Carl Broussard, Steve Cannon, JC Alboniga, Justin Spence, Kevin Ryan, Andy Williams, Pearce Baker, Rui Ramos, Jason "FNG" Singletary, Ross VanderHeiden, Bill Torrence

Court of 2007
Court 2007

Kneeling: Stephen Crane
Standing: Mark Johnson, Carl Broussard, Jaime White, Jeff Strickland, Mickael Brandon, Shane Rowe, Brett Para, Andy Majewski, Chris Schulte, Whitney Voeltz, Terry Abbott

Court of 2005
Court 2005

Kneeling: Jason Jones, Stephen Crane
Matt Sirmans, Ryan Ross, Matt Adkins, Mike Jones, Michael Caluda, Landry Leidner, Paul Snyder, Jody Mabry

Court of 2004
Court 2004

Cavet White, Whitney Voeltz, Mark Caluda, Jason Peterson, Bill Creedon, Doug Dasinger, Terry Busbee, Brian Wright, Michael McGahagan, Kevin McArthur

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