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                                                                                               The Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon

                                                                                   2016 Krewe of Depez Annual Golf Tournament



Thank you Greg Fayard, Shane Rowe and the entire ESC organization for their huge support in this year’s golf tournament.


First odd, we would like to apologize to Greg Threadgill’s team and any other team that had golf cart and goodie bag issues. We will correct this for next year. I would also like to apologize to any sponsors whose logos were done incorrectly on the t-shirt, specifically Rick Simpson with Hover Check.


We would like to thank the following:

                                                                                                                Our Committee!

Ryan James, your dedication and hustle were unmatched; without you there is no successful tournament. James Thiesen, Paul Schroder, and Rob Phillips for getting several prizes and your hard work during the entire process. Marty Edwards, Shane Francis, Dru Hansford, Josh Livingston, Dax Campbell, Son Nguyen, Jason Thomas, Rui Ramos, and Jason Singletary Siguenza XVI, thank you for your commitment and hard work.


Day of the Tournament Support Team: Marty Edwards, Shane Francis, Dru Hansford, Ed Spears, Josh Livingston Dax Campbell and Jason Singletary Siguenza XVI for running a smooth registration. Terry Abbott, Wes Southern, Malcolm Rumph, Greg Ammon, Matt Adkins, Scott Calvert, Todd Weston, Dave “Swampy” Larsen, Shawn Condon and Tim Ludvigsen. 


Food Sponsors:

Son Nguyen with Al Fresco-Gun Shot BBQ providing a delightful dinner.

John & Gina Minor for your consistent support year after year, donations and great food and drinks! We are very grateful!

Newk’s Bayou for their lunch donation, Thank You Pearce Baker!


Additional Thank you to Admirals: Robbie Mott, Mark Johnson, Robert Harris, Robin Little, Jason Jones, Ryan Ross, Terry Abbott, Stephen Crane, Matt Adkins, Scott Calvert & Boyce White for attending the Admirals’ Alley ceremony, playing, and heckling. (Jell-O-shots, Fireball, Jack fire, Minis and more) . To our special friends who bartended and volunteered! Dixon Golf and Bullseye Massage for your donations.


We would like to thank the Board for your assistance this year, especially Jonathan Warren, Bill Torrence, Greg Fayard, Rui Ramos, and Todd Weston.


Thank you to Ben Bates of Marcus Pointe Golf Club for taking us in when we had to change venues and for assisting us with all our needs.


Thank you to Terry Abbott and Wisteria for allowing us to have golf meetings and events there.


Thank you to Greg Davis and Marty Stanovich with First Tee for your support and partnership.


If there’s anyone we left out, please accept our deepest apologies and our greatest thank you!

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