It is time to kick off our New Season. Viva De Pez.  This year, Roll Call will be January 7th.  The New Guys will meet at Seville at 1030 AM (Don't Be Late). Everyone else, 11AM. The first bus will leave around 12 to head to the property.  


Old Members, you know the routine.


New members- there are a couple of rules.


#1- No Douchebaggery.

#2- There is No Driving to the property, we will all ride the bus.

#3- Have a ride home from Seville when you get back, you're gonna need it.

#4- Get out and introduce yourself to the other members, get to know everyone.

#5- Have a blast. You are joining a brotherhood like no other. 

#6- If you have any questions, contact me or ask your sponsor.


Let's start this season off the only way we know how.


Viva De Pez 

Siguenza XVI 



Also before Roll Call



Due to the fact that we will likely have a majority of the general membership present at roll call, the first order of business the morning of roll call will be to vote on whether to move forward with the construction of a new warehouse. The Board will be working on preparing a ballot, along with supporting documentation explaining the proposed construction, financing terms, and lease issues. This ballot, along with supporting information, will be provided to you via e-mail prior to roll call.


This matter has been discussed at length over the past year and there have been many opportunities for people to voice their opinions to fellow Krewe members. Therefore, we will open the floor for a 15 minute discussion starting at 11:15 a.m. Once that 15 minute time period has elapsed, you will be asked to cast your vote. It is our objective to do this in a quick and orderly fashion so we can enjoy the rest of the day!    


Once again, be on the lookout for the Ballot and supporting information.


Look forward to seeing everyone!




Gregory P. Fayard