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Graffiti Bridge Painting


February 15, 2023, 8:00 pm or later  

(Project Manager 6:00pm) (Project Teams 6:30pm)


Krewe of Andres de Pez members


17th Street Bridge Trestle


Task: Prepare and paint the graffiti bridge and apply the krewe’s designated pattern for the year.

Concept: The Krewe gathers before the first Mardi Gras parade each year to paint the bridge. This offers krewe-members the opportunity to meet, enjoy a beverage and let the city know that we are ready for a great parade season. Each year the graphics, color scheme and overall display changes. Project Managers (PM) coordinate with the Siguenza to requisition supplies, develop a color scheme and layout for the job. Feed back from the new Admiral is not required but encouraged.

Painting Plan

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